Class2Go is Merging with the EdX Platform!

We are now working together with edX to build the world's best open education platform. EdX will be released under the AGPL license by June 1st. Class2Go is now in maintenance mode. Check out the announcement and the forum post.

Does the new edX-based platform have a name?

Not yet.

When will Stanford be offering courses on the new platform?

Starting in June.

Does this mean that I can run my own instance of the edX platform after its open source release on June 1?


Is Stanford joining the "X" consortium?

No, we're partnering on the software, but not joining the consortium.
Can I still access classes on the Class2Go platform?

Yes! Until we move these courses over to the new platform, you can access them via the still-running Class2Go platform at:

Does this mean that Stanford thought Class2Go wasn't a good platform?

No. We wanted to unite the community around a single, non-profit, open-source platform.